English Reference

No. Judul Buku Penulis Penerbit
1 28th International Conference of RCmon ICRC ICRC
2 A History of the Middle East Peter Mansfield Penguin Books
3 Across the Pacific ; an inner history of American-East Asian Relations Akira Iriye Harbinger Book
4 American Foreign Policy Since WW II John Spanier Praeger Publisher
5 American Government 6th edition James Q. Wilson Houghton Mifflin
6 American Theocracy Kevin Philips Penguin Books
7 An Introduction to African Politics Alex Thomson Routledge
8 An Occupation Without Troops Glenn dan John G. Yenbooks
9 Asia’s Deadly Triangle Kent E Calder Pearson Education
10 Asian Power and Politics Lucian W. Pye Belknap Press
11 Australia Foreign Relations Gareth E. Dan Bruce G. Melbourne Univ Press
12 Australia in a Changing World F.A Mediansky Macmillan
13 Basic Rules of the Geneva Conventions ICRC ICRC
14 Bear dan Garuda ; Soviet Indonesian Relations, From Lenin-Gorbachev Bilveer Singh GMU Press
15 Between Peril and Promise : The Politics of International Law J. Martin R CQ Press
16 Beyond Fear Bruce Schneir Springer
17 Building Democracy in Egypt ANND dan IdeA IDEA
18 Building Democracy in Jordan ANND dan IdeA IDEA
19 Building Democracy in Yemen ANND dan IdeA IDEA
20 Bureaucracy and Political development Joseph la Palombara Princeton
21 Coercion, Capital, & European States Charles Tilly Blackwell
22 Collapsed States I William Zartman Lynne Rienner
23 Comparative Politics Gabriel Almond Little, Brown & Company
24 Conflict After the Cold War Richard K. Betts Longman
25 Contemporary Moral Problems; War, Terrorism, and Torture James E. White Thomson Wadsworth
26 Democracy in America Alexis de T Vintage Books
27 Democracy in New Zealand Bellamy Anderson IDEA
28 Dependent Ally ; A Study in Australia Foreign Policy Allen dan Unwin ANU
29 Development in Australian Politics Judith Brett, dkk Macmillan
30 Diplomacy Theory dan Practise G.R. Berridge Prentice Hall
31 Essence of Decision ; Explaining the Cuban Missile Crisis Graham T Allison Little, Brown & Company
32 Ethnic Conflict in World Politics Ted R G dan Barbara H Westview Press
33 Events that Changed the World Time Warner Books
34 Gender and International Relations Jill Steans Polity Press
35 Global Gender Issues Spike dan Anne Westview  press
36 Globalization, Democracy and the Philippine Military Raymund Jose G L AFP
37 Greed & Grievance Mats Berdal Lynne Rienner
38 Hongkong ; in the Mouth of The Dragon Cayrol Tuttle
39 IHR References to HR Violations on the Grounds of Sexual and Gender ICJ ICJ
40 Intellectual in the Modern Islamic World Stephane, Komatsu, Kosugi Routledge
41 Islam in the USA Sulayman S. Nyang ABC International
42 Israel and The World ; Essays in a Time of Crisis Martin Buber Syracuse
43 Judaism in America Marc Lee Raphael Columbia
44 Korea Policy Review : August 2008 www.korea.net www.korea.net
45 Korea Policy Review : December 2007 www.korea.net www.korea.net
46 Korea Policy Review : February 2008 www.korea.net www.korea.net
47 Korea Policy Review : January 2008 www.korea.net www.korea.net
48 Korea Policy Review : July 2008 www.korea.net www.korea.net
49 Korea Policy Review : June 2008 www.korea.net www.korea.net
50 Korea Policy Review : May 2008 www.korea.net www.korea.net
51 Korea Policy Review : November 2007 www.korea.net www.korea.net
52 Korea Policy Review : October 2007 www.korea.net www.korea.net
53 Korea Policy Review : October 2008 www.korea.net www.korea.net
54 Korea Policy Review : September 2007 www.korea.net www.korea.net
55 Liberal America and the 3rd World Robert A. P. Princeton
56 More than a Name HRW Human Right Watch
57 Multi-track Diplomacy Louise dan John McD Kumarian Press
58 My Life ; Bill Clinton Vol.1 Bill Clinton Vintage
59 National Interest FA Mediansky Pergamon Press
60 Paradigm Theory and Policy Making Akira Iida Tuttle
61 Phenomenology of Perception Merleau Ponty Routledge
62 Political Islam ; Essays from Middle East Report Joel Beinin dan Stork I B Tauris Publishers
63 Political Parties and Party Systems Alan Ware Oxford Univ Press
64 Protocol Additional to the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949 ICRC ICRC
65 Public Opinion Walter Lippmann Free Press Paperbacks
66 Religion in the Contemporary World; A Sociological Introduction Alan Aldridge Polity Press
67 Rivals Bill Emmott Mariner
68 Silent Spring Rachel Carson Houghton Mifflin
69 Small and Medium Enterprises JICA JICA
70 State of The World ; Our urban future Galliard WW Norton and Company Ltd
71 Studies in Thai History David K. Wyatt Silkworm Books
72 Sun Tzu The Art of Warfare Sun Tzu Ballantine Books
73 Ten Years of Supporting Democracy Worldwide IdeA International IDEA
74 The Asia Pacific Century Historical Perspective Thee Kian Wie LIPI Press
75 The Asian Storm Philippe Ries Tuttle
76 The Bubble of American Supremacy George Soros Phoenix
77 The Case for Israel Dershowitz Wiley
78 The Defense and Fall of Singapore Brian P. Farrel Tempus
79 The End of  History and the Last Man Francis Fukuyama Free Press
80 The Evolution of Cooperation Robert Axelrod BasicBooks
81 The Far East Paul HC Prentice Hall
82 The Future of the World Order Fukuyama dan Hutington Ircisod
83 The Making of Ethnic and Religious Conflicts in SE Lambang Trijono, dkk CSPS Books
84 The Man on Horseback S.E. Finer Frederick A Praeger
85 The Middle East For Dummies Davis Wiley
86 The Muslims of Thailand Michel Gilquin Silkworm Books
87 The News about the News Leonard, Reobert Vintage
88 The Origins of The Cold War Lloyd, Arthur, Hans Ginn dan Company
89 The Political Economy of Foreign Policy in SE David Wurfel dan Bruce Burton Mac Millan
90 The Politics of Australia Dean Jaensch Macmillan
91 The Politics of Developing Areas Gabriel Almond Princeton
92 The Politics of Nationalism and Ethnicity James G. Kellas St.Martin’s Press
93 The Power Elite C Wright Mills Oxford Univ Press
94 The River of Lost Footsteps ; a Personal History of Burma Thant Myint-U Faber and Faber
95 The Society of Muslim Brotherhood
96 The Theory of Criticism Raman Selden Longman
97 The Vulnerability of Small States Revisited ; A study of Singapore’s Post Cold War Foreign Policy Bilveer Singh GMU Press
98 The World is Flat Thomas L Friedman The Penguin
99 The World of Perception Merleau Ponty Routledge
100 The World Politics Glenn D Hook, dkk Routledge
101 Total Lobbying ; What Lobbyists Want Anthony J. Nownes CambridgeUniv Press
102 Warlord Politics & African States William Reno Lynne Rienner
103 What’s Right with Islam is What’s Right with America Abdul Rauf Harpen San Francisco
104 Your Undergraduate Dissertation Nicholas Walliman Sage Publications

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